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Troubleshoot Dell Scanner Problems
How to Fix Dell Error Code M1004?

If you have a Dell laptop and you are getting a Dell Error Code M1004, then don’t worry about it, it generally appears due to the problem of overheating. This is pointing to a ram problem, so you need to take out and reinsert it again for getting rid the problem. Then don’t get upset or panic!  In this blog, we will show you how you can efficiently Fix Dell Error Code M1004, by just pursuing some trouble-free steps.

Steps to Fix Dell Error Code M1004:-

Step 1:- Shuts Down Dell Laptop

First, you have to need to immediately shut down your Dell laptop in order to prevent damage.

Step 2:-Clean the Ram

The Dell Error Code M1004, indicating, a problem of ram, so you have a need to instantly take out and reinsert it again. In addition, you need to clean the ram contacts with Isopropyl, so that it works smoothly.

Also, you may have a problem with the CPU fan. It overheats no airflow and halts. So, you should take Dell tech support experts help to comprehensive guidance.

Step 3:- Check Device Drivers

You should try to check that all Device Drivers that are Current running in your laptop in order to prevent Hardware Conflicts. Well, a driver is software that helps the computer’s hardware and software communicate with each other. So, Updating device drivers are essential for you, thus it’s an easy to process. Look for the latest device drivers, you have to follow these steps:-

  • Go to
  • Then go to “Drivers and Downloads” option.
  • Next, you need to type in your service tag.
  • Now it’s time to update the chipset driver and restart your computer.
  • You can also update the notebook laptop software and restart your computer.
  • Then you can also update the video driver and then restart your computer.
  • Update the BIOS of your computer, if you wish to update it for smooth functioning.

After done all these things, check the Error Code M1004 is resolved.

Step 4:- Running a Registry Cleanup

It’s recommended you to running a registry cleanup scan right after you update your driver. It will assist you in fixing the error completely and will make your computer work better and faster.

I hope your problem is fixed.

But, in case this error is still persisting, then you must contact with Dell customer support team to immediately solve it.

Dial Dell Customer Support Phone Number Now to Acquire Online Help:-

You can dial Dell Customer Support Number +1-888-877-0901 anytime, which is working 24×7 for your online assistance. It will very helpful for you to connect a team of Dell customer support experts, who are competent and dedicated to resolving Dell laptop associated technical errors or issues. The technicians always provide finest and precise solutions to the technical problems in a less period of time. Hence, dial this toll-free number now to obtain tremendous support & solutions to Dell technical mishaps.

Solve Dell Wireless Printer Problems
How to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 0x000005b3?

When you try to install a Dell Printer in Windows 7, this error code in general appears. Troubleshoot this error code with Dell Printer Support Number +1-888-877-0901 with effective solutions. To fix Dell Printer Error Code 0x000005b3, you need to fix reason behind this error. It is a typical installation error. When you try to update your printer driver in Windows 7, this error code appears.


There are many reasons behind this error. Some of the reasons include out-dated Windows and driver conflicts. Even when you do not have the administrator rights, you might get this error. Sometimes printer spooler service also boosts this error to appear.

Effective Steps to Troubleshoot Dell Printer Error Code 0x000005b3:

There are several ways to get rid of this error in less time and effort. Here you can find the best possible solution to deal with this printing error. Visit our Dell Customer Care Services to get to the roots of this issue.

Solution 1: Remove all Existing Printers

The first thing, you need to do is to remove all the existing printers added in your system. And thus try to add your printer with the system again.

Solution 2: Manual Installation of Printer Driver

Secondly, you need to try to install updated printer driver in manual way.

Solution 3: Availing Local Administrator Rights

Avail the full administrator rights to add printer in effective manner. Check the administrator account for more information. Try to add a printer to the title of local administrator rights.

Solution 4: Make sure your Windows is Up-to-date

Update your Windows with latest version that is compatible to your system. Make sure there are no missing drivers during the installation process.

Solution 5: Starting of Print Spooler Service

Sometimes this error also occurs when your printer spooler service is off. Start it to dismiss this error.

Follow these steps to check and start the service:

  • First of all, you need to press the Windows key + the R button simultaneously.
  • Type “services.msc” in the run dialog box followed clicking the OK button.
  • Look for Sprint Spooler from the list and double click on it to open properties.
  • Click on Start button if the Service status is off. Set Startup Type as automatic.
  • Click on OK button to save the changes.
  • Restart your device to complete the process.

Contact at Dell Printer Tech Support Number +1-888-877-0901 to Receive Immediate Help:

Connect with Dell Printer Customer Support Number +1-888-877-0901  to get immediate fix. Our technical team comprises passionate and dedicated technicians available 24*7. They are competent to fix any dell printer related errors. With comprehensive guide, we can help you troubleshoot any dell printer issues. With our complete in-house solution, we are ready to assist any customer in need with utmost priority.  Hence dial the toll free number as early possible to get analyzed solutions for all printing errors.

Fix Wi-Fi Connection Issue on Windows 10
How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Issue on Windows 10 Dell Laptop

Your Dell laptop showing Wi-Fi connection issue, need a right troubleshooting process to enjoy uninterrupted wireless connectivity. Usually after upgrading to windows 10 such issues are prominent among the users. Dell laptops recently upgraded operating system to windows 10 facing Wi-Fi connection issue will get right solution discussed below here.

How to Resolve Connections Issues?

Start with checking the updated BIOS status, check the version and download the latest on to update the same. And also check wireless or Wi-Fi adapter version to update the same with latest one that will solve your wireless connection issues. Also check other drivers related with network and wireless services, if any update needed, run the same right now.

Fix Wi-Fi Connection Issue on Windows 10 in Dell

Turn Off and disconnect all the Devices on Network

After updating all drivers related with wireless network and connection, turn off all your connected devices including your laptop, wireless router, modem and other connected devices. Now disconnect all the cables and USB connection between these devices and reconnect them properly through right ports and connection points. Dell laptop technical support is also available to solve such issues remotely without reaching at user’s destination.

Configure Wi-Fi Adapter Setting for Best Performance

Now you need to configure your Dell laptop’s wireless adapter settings for optimal performance of network connection. Go to device manager and open network adapters, and then visit at Intel PRO wireless with advance tab. For configuring wireless adapter setting you should take help from experts providing online help. Support for Dell laptop drivers and adapter configuration is available round-the-clock with back-to-back online solution for multiple issues.

Download Latest Update on Windows 10

May be after upgrading to windows 10, new update came, that should be downloaded to avoid such issues. Check for latest update under windows 10 update section and download the latest version. Make sure you have uninterrupted internet connection to download such updates, and when your system is updated, restart and enjoy uninterested wireless connection. And for Dell laptop troubleshooting you can take help of tech professionals working nonstop online.

Solve Dell Wireless Printer Problems
How to Solve Dell Wireless Printer Problems?

Wireless printers are easy to connect and get prints but if the configuration is not done precisely then, you will face problem or may be it would not work. Dell Wi-Fi printers especially inkjet printers show problem if not installed or configured as per the recommended settings. Below you can find how to configure Dell Wi-Fi printer and solve other tech issues.

Test Network Connection of Printer

The most common among wireless printers, connection problem and that may arises due to wireless technology. If your Dell printer is connected through a wireless router then check the connection setting and restart router. And if you are using Virtual Private Network (VPN), disconnect it, as it may stop your computer from connecting to other local devices like printer etc. creating connection problem to your Dell printer.

How to Solve Dell Wireless Printer Problems

Check the Printer Driver Settings

Any kind of mismatch between printer driver settings and computer leads to printing issues. Hence, before you start printing check the driver settings of your printer. If you are not aware with such settings then get dell printer help by online technicians. If there is any issue with driver, then once again install dell printer drivers.

Find the Printer Screen Errors

If your Dell wireless printer is showing any problem then find the error showing on your computer screen. If you don’t find any error you can search error message with your Dell printer name product code and solve the actual problem. To deal with complex errors of Dell laser printer you should take help from technicians.


Check and Print Setting Report

You need to check print report by printing setting report that will produce a page and if setting page fails to print, then check the printer screen for the relevant error. And to find the right solution you can call to dell printer tech support phone number where online technician will take your system on remote and solve your problem.   

Upgrading Dell Laptop to Windows 10
Things to Do After Upgrading Dell Laptop to Windows 10

Upgrading your Dell Laptop to windows 10 would be not enjoying until and unless you reset various settings and download few updates. Actually, there are few things which should be updated and configured to adjust setting as per the windows 10 user-interface. Below you can find what are the top things and how to updates various settings after upgrading to windows 10.

Things to Do After Upgrading Dell Laptop to Windows 10

Fully Updates Windows 10

Even after upgrading your Dell laptop to windows 10, you need to update it, as may be you have downloaded the older version of windows 10 and after that many updates would have been released by Microsoft. To use windows 10 efficiently and free from bugs, update it. Dell customer support is available to help users for update issues, and you can also get online solution for any other issue affecting the windows performance.

Install All Essential Drivers

After upgrading to windows 10, may be many drivers would be missing from your Dell PC. Drivers are necessary to control a particular action of hardware parts. Printer, audio, video, wireless and touch pad etc. drivers are basic requirements that should be installed in your PC. Before updating all these drivers you need to check your system. Support for Dell laptop drivers issue is available online for end-users.

dell laptop support phone number

Enable the Privacy Settings of Windows 10

After upgrading to windows 10, you must check and enable the privacy settings of windows which might be changed due to upgrading to higher version. Enable the privacy settings that that helps your PC from virus threats and other cyber risks. Though, window 10 comes with window defender that provides a complete security to your PC with better level of protection. If you need help to enable privacy settings you can to Dell laptop technical support and get online assistance by best computer technicians.     


Update To Windows 10 in Dell Laptop
How to Update To Windows 10 in Dell Laptop?

Dell users running their laptop in windows 8.1 operating system are getting a great opportunity to upgrade their OS to windows 10 freely without any charges. Actually, up to 29th July 2016 Microsoft is offering free upgrade to windows 10 and afterwards it will be chargeable. You should also do it now and enjoy newfangled windows platform. If you don’t know how to do it, we will tell you how to update to windows 10 in dell laptop with safety.

How to Update To Windows 10 in Dell Laptop

Inspect System Requirement and Eligibility 

Before your download and run upgrading process, check the hardware configuration of your Dell laptop so that it can support minimum requirement of windows 10 features. To install windows 10 in your Dell laptop should have at least 20GB Hard disk space, 2GB RAM, 1GHz processer, and an uninterrupted internet speed to completely download all the update and install them into system for successful run without any issue.

Download Complete Setup of Windows 10 in your PC

Never install such significant and large size updates directly from the server, instead first download the whole setup into your system and then execute the file for installation. Dell laptop technical support recommends that direct installation of update is risky, as if your internet connection breaks, or due to power supply failure laptop battery down, or system crash etc. that cause serious damages like data loss, window crash or other risks. Hence, always download the entire setup in your system and then install for complete effect.

What to Do After Upgrading your Del PC?

When your downloading and installation completed you have to check few things and customize them as per your requirements. Install latest drivers and adjust settings like power display, battery saver, default browser, antivirus and other software etc. And it’s better to take help for dell laptop drivers to update all the necessary software as per the compatibility and availability. You can also change other settings as per needs.

dell laptop support phone number

You can also Return Back to your Previous Versions of OS

If you don’t like the user-interface of windows 10, you can switch back to your previous version to windows 8 or 8.1. But it is possible if you have not cleanup your Dell laptop or restored factory settings etc. And as per the current offers you can return back to within the 31 days of download. And if you face problem while downloading windows 10 or while using it in your PC, then call to Dell laptop support phone number +1-888-877-0901 for help.

Things to Consider before Updating Dell Laptop to Windows 10
Things to Consider before Updating Dell Laptop to Windows 10

Microsoft windows PC users always get technologically advanced operating system that is upgraded with new features. Windows 10 is currently in news, impressing users with various interactive features. If you are windows lover, then why waiting, upgrade your Dell laptop with new windows 10 and enjoy exceptional level of computing.

Hold on, before you start the update process there are few things that you need to consider before updating your Dell laptop. Below all these important things are discussed that will make your update process successful without any issues with complete safety.

How to update Dell Laptop to Windows 10

Is your Dell Laptop is Eligible for update?

Online limited windows 8.1 and 7 SP1 users are eligible to get windows 10. Hence, check your PC whether it is entitled to upgrade or not. Currently up to 29th July, Microsoft is offering free update to all windows 8.1 users and will charge $119 to upgrade to Windows Home and $199 to upgrade to Windows Pro by Dell laptop tech support.

Check System Hardware Specification

Windows 10 requires minimum requirement to support the features and run smoothly. Your Dell laptop should be equipped with Processor of at least 1GHz, 2GB RAM with 64-bit system, Hard Disk with space of 20GB, Graphic card DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver and resolution of 1024×600 pixels for better view and best performance.

Keep a Copy of Full Backup of Entire System

Before pressing on upgrade you should understand that software can fail any time or there could be unexpected error and you can lose your important files. To avoid such risk, it’s better to keep a copy of backup of entire system including all hard drives. Dell laptop support also offers nonstop online help for keeping Dell data backup.

dell laptop support phone number

Don’t Update Directly, Download Windows 10

This is one of the biggest mistakes Dell users do. Never download such updates directly, as if your internet connection breaks, you can lose data or corrupted. For successful installation, first download the full setup of windows 10 in your system and then update. The downloading process takes time depending on your internet speed and system’s performance. However, if you face any kind of issue you can call to Dell laptop help number +1-888-877-0901 for online assistance by technician and do this process professionally.

How to Fix Paper Jam Error in Dell Printer
How to Fix And Avoid Paper Jam Error in Dell Printer?

Paper stuck very often while taking out prints become problematic when you need urgent printouts and your Dell printer jammed with sheet of paper inside the roller. Though, the paper jam issue is very common among the users across the globe, but not every time.

When paper jam happens few Dell printers indicate through light or make noise. To remove the piece of paper from your Dell printer you can take help of user guide or take help from printer experts. Right now here below you can find few steps to fix and avoid printer paper jam issues.

How to Fix And Avoid Paper Jam Error in Dell Printer

Switch-off Your Printer

Before you touch any internal part in your printer, turn off it to avoid any mishaps, mainly due to electricity supply. And laser printer are overheated that can harm you if you not careful. Paper in laser printer stuck near fuser which generate additional heat, and risk to touch any part around it. Wait for a while till temperature cools down and you not face any harm while touch it. Once it’s cool down you have to open the printer.

Open Paper Path Door

To remove the paper from printer you have to open all doors tending towards the path of paper. If you don’t have idea from which door to start, you can start by opening the paper input tray and following the paper path towards the output tray by exposing every door that you find on the way. If you face any kind of technical issues, you can call to Dell printer support to fix the paper jam issue of your Dell printer with safety.

Pull Out Paper Sheet and

Now use your bare hand to pull out sheets and other torn pieces that will again create obstruction while printing next document. To remove paper hold and pull paper carefully in the favorable direction and avoid pulling backward which can affect the Dell printer mechanism. Carefully find and remove every single piece of paper or other scrap materials. If you can’t find the paper or facing a problem to do this task, then call to Dell printer customer support and take help by professional technicians working for Dell PC.       


Restart Your Printer Again

After removing paper from your Dell printer, close all the doors you opened to clear-out jammed paper sheets. Now restart your printer, align paper properly in tray to get uninterrupted print-out. Make sure you have closed all the doors or any other parts, though Dell printers show indication of such activities, to inform the user.  If your problem still not solved and again you are facing paper jam issue, then dial Dell printer support number 1877-217-7933 and call the technician who will diagnosis the actual problem and solve permanently.

Windows 10 Update
How to Prepare Your Dell Laptop for Windows 10 Update?

Are you mulling to upgrade your Dell laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10? Hold on for a while, before you download and start the process. Actually, there few things that should be done before initiating this process. Below we have mentioned the critical steps that should be considered before upgrading windows 10 to avoid any issue.

How to Prepare Your Dell Laptop for Windows 10 Update

System Compatibility and General Issues       

Every Dell laptop is checked for system compatibility to support windows 10 operating system. Check your laptop model is eligible to upgrade, whether existing hardware configuration is enough or not, dell laptop drivers support or not or need to upgraded. And Dell has also identified several issues that may affect while updating.

Free-up Some Space from Hard Disk

Windows 10 needs extra space compare to windows 8 to install into your system. Make sure your hard disk, especially C drive has sufficient space. To make space delete unwanted files like movies, media files, junk files and uninstall unnecessary programs and applications to allow windows 10 to install into your Dell laptop.

Backup Files and Create Recovery Discs

Keep the backup of all documents and files stored into existing operating system. And also create recovery disc of your current version windows, in case you want to reinstall later on in near future. Windows 10 offers 30 days option to roll back to previous version and if you face problem you can take help by Dell laptop tech support.

Update Drivers and BIOS in your Dell PC

Dell should always update the BIOS and drivers for the operating system you are going to use into your system. Actually, when you update driver, it is migrated to new version instead of installing new one. Similarly also update BIOS but check your laptop service tag and find the right driver compatible with your Dell laptop model.

dell laptop support phone number

Update Windows 10 and other Settings

Now you can download and update windows 10 into your Dell laptop. Just follow the recommended steps and you will have new version of operating into your Dell laptop. Once you download, reboot your system and enjoy next generation of computer on your Dell laptop. To download drivers visit at the website of Dell and if you face any kind technical problem you can call to get Dell customer support at your desk.

Troubleshoot Dell Scanner Problems
How to Troubleshoot Dell Scanner Problems?

When Dell scanner starts showing copying and scanning issue, you need to run a troubleshooting process to detect the actual problem and fix the same at your own levels. Actually there could be multiple types of errors that can create such issues, but with few simple steps given below you can troubleshoot Dell Scanner problem with right solution.

Dell Scanner is Not Responding

This is one of the most common problems with all types of printers and scanners. When your Dell scanning is not responding, set your printer at default scanner in the computer printer settings to restore the original factory settings. Get Dell scanner support to remove and reinstall the printer software to use scanning feature.

Poor Scanning or Quality Related Issues

If you are facing scanning quality related issues, clean the glass of your Dell scanner and adjust the quality setting from the printer software. Take help of user guide to review the scanning and copying settings to improve the quality. While scanning make sure the document is placed correctly on scanner glass and always use the clearer version of the original document or photo to scan properly and get best results.

Scanning Problem over Computer Network

If you want to scan a document through a Dell scanner connected through network, then make sure computer are connected to same network. Scanner connected through network creating problem may be affected due to many reasons. Also check dell scanner drivers is installed on the server computer used to connect other devices.


Scanning Not Completed or Taking Time

When scan is not successful first check USB connection, including the USB cable that could be damaged, if yes, replace with the new one. To replace the cable, serviceably plug the USB cable into the back side of printer or scanner. And when scanning takes longer time, then close other software and restart your computer. For Dell scanner troubleshooting, you need help of experts who can help you better with right solution.