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How to Restore Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer
How to Restore Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer?

Computers not running properly have some problem that should be either fixed with the help of tech professionals or resorted with original settings. Dell computer running with the same situation can be restored with the reinstallation of Microsoft windows operating system.

If you don’t know how to restore or Reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer, we will help you with the right steps given below for successful installation of windows OS on your Dell computer. The whole process is described by tech professionals offering Dell Computer Tech Support.   

Restore Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer

How to Restore System?

You can easily restore your system easily, as system restore comes with inbuilt window tools especially designed to protect and repair operating system of your computer system. When there is any issue with your computer, before you use restore factory settings you should use system restore that helps to protect your data.

Restore Media Settings

To repair your media settings you have to go under media backups and can use operating system to its original factory image. You can recover your images and other media files using recovery discs from your Dell computer by downloading.

How to Restore Operating System?

Dell computers are featured with advance technology to keep reserve a small portion of hard disk space for reinstalling the operating system. This process is most convenient technique to restore your computer for original factory condition. Restoration process deletes all the data from your computer system, hence make sure to keep backups of all your files before starting restoration process in your computer system.

How to Manually Reinstall Windows on Your PC?

It is a very time taking tiresome process that requires extra skills and knowledge to restore your computer system. For manual installation you can use CD or DVD and if you need help, you can get Dell computer technical support to complete the process professionally. Technician will also install the drivers, configure OS settings, and install other software and updates. The whole process is done safely with complete precaution.

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Finally Setup Your Restored Computer

After installing windows into your computer you have to perform the setup process as per the windows recommended settings. To organize this process carefully you can call to Dell computer support phone number +1-888-877-0901 and get help of tech professionals having better knowledge and experience to perform such actions effectively.

Troubleshooting Slow Performance of Dell Computers
Troubleshooting Slow Performance of Dell Computers

If your Dell computer is running slow or it takes extra time to respond and its performance is getting down. Then it should be troubleshoot well-timed to restore its speed and efficiency. Though, there are many factors from hardware to software issues that can affect your computer and slow down its speed. Find out below few popular of them that affect performance of a PC.

Check Air Ventilation on Your PC

Sometimes blocked air vents are the main cause of slow PC. Collection of dust your PC/laptop not allows proper air flow that causes the process to overheat. Check the vents if they covered with dust, blocking air to pass that helps to cool down the processer. If vents are clear then call to Dell computer support to diagnosis other possible causes affecting the speed of your PC.

Keep Update BIOS and Drivers        

Many times due to outdated drivers or BIOS settings a system becomes slow. Hence, make sure to update your driver regularly to use your software and hardware with maximum efficiency. The most popular drivers are Audios driver, Video Driver, Network Driver and Chipset Driver that should be updated regularly with the help of Dell technical support experts.

Check Virus/Spyware and Malware

Virus and malware are also the main cause of windows based computer system to get slow down. Use antivirus software to scan your computer and check the virus or malware, and if found remove it permanently to avoid any kind of other risk. Virus, spyware and malware infect computers and corrupt files or CPU programming that affects its speed and performance.

Reinstall Operating System and Software

If your computer is still running slow, then there might be chances of issues related with operating system or computer software. Hence, install and reinstall your operating system and other installed software with the latest version. And make sure to remove the software application from control panel of your computer or take Dell computer help for this process.

Restore Your System to Factory Settings

Many times customize complex settings affects the speed or performance of the computer system. Hence, restoring the computer to original factory setting is the only option to optimize PC. And every Dell computer and laptop has facility restore computer to its original state. But before doing that make sure to keep backups of all your data into external hard disk, and it would be also advisable to help of professional Dell computer repair support service providers.

Quick Tips About How to Fix Slowness in Dell Computer

Are you fed up with sluggish performance of your Dell PC? And you have tried your hand on multiple options to boost its performance, than it is the right time to check and speed up your Dell PC by taking below step. This blog will enable you to take certain action that will surely make a difference to your work. Instead calling Dell technical support number, you should better learn how to do it?


  • At the time, you bought a new computer it would have been running like a horse, but by the time of continuous usage of it, it struggle to load or reload a webpage. Even, it may take longer than usual to start and end. However, there is nothing wrong in your computer. You do not have to take online help from Dell laptop support. You can fix it own your own.
  • First, there are thousands of reason of creepy speed of your Dell laptop; internal and external. Internally, if your there is no space on your hard disk, or RAM is overloaded by multiple background task, you could have suffer slowness. Externally, if virus or spyware attacked your Dell Laptop, that causes lost of data and files. Initial step should be taken to identify the type of threat you are experiencing.
  • Now, how to do it? Better, start with hard disk cleaning process, make a list of unused applications, which you rarely used, or never use. One by one un-install them. If you find any old applications that needs to be upgraded, un-install it and re install the updated application. Remove unwanted extra files and data from your computer and rearranged other files. Or take help from the technician from Dell repair help.
  • Window provides option to defragmentation of hard disk, as continual change/rearrange, and deletion of data defragment the hard disk that causes slow speed. To make this better you should run disk defragmenter tools in your operating system, nowadays third party defgremetar also offers the same solution.

Secondly, remove the virus and spyware via help of antivirus programs, if you are frequently user of internet; make sure your browser is not occupied with multiple background tasks. Clean the registry, history, and cache files in timely manner. You can get detail information on Dell technical support phone number Visit: OR Call US Toll Free Number : +1-888-877-0901.