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Solve Dell Wireless Printer Problems
How to Solve Dell Wireless Printer Problems?

Wireless printers are easy to connect and get prints but if the configuration is not done precisely then, you will face problem or may be it would not work. Dell Wi-Fi printers especially inkjet printers show problem if not installed or configured as per the recommended settings. Below you can find how to configure Dell Wi-Fi printer and solve other tech issues.

Test Network Connection of Printer

The most common among wireless printers, connection problem and that may arises due to wireless technology. If your Dell printer is connected through a wireless router then check the connection setting and restart router. And if you are using Virtual Private Network (VPN), disconnect it, as it may stop your computer from connecting to other local devices like printer etc. creating connection problem to your Dell printer.

How to Solve Dell Wireless Printer Problems

Check the Printer Driver Settings

Any kind of mismatch between printer driver settings and computer leads to printing issues. Hence, before you start printing check the driver settings of your printer. If you are not aware with such settings then get dell printer help by online technicians. If there is any issue with driver, then once again install dell printer drivers.

Find the Printer Screen Errors

If your Dell wireless printer is showing any problem then find the error showing on your computer screen. If you don’t find any error you can search error message with your Dell printer name product code and solve the actual problem. To deal with complex errors of Dell laser printer you should take help from technicians.


Check and Print Setting Report

You need to check print report by printing setting report that will produce a page and if setting page fails to print, then check the printer screen for the relevant error. And to find the right solution you can call to dell printer tech support phone number where online technician will take your system on remote and solve your problem.   

How to Fix Paper Jam Error in Dell Printer
How to Fix And Avoid Paper Jam Error in Dell Printer?

Paper stuck very often while taking out prints become problematic when you need urgent printouts and your Dell printer jammed with sheet of paper inside the roller. Though, the paper jam issue is very common among the users across the globe, but not every time.

When paper jam happens few Dell printers indicate through light or make noise. To remove the piece of paper from your Dell printer you can take help of user guide or take help from printer experts. Right now here below you can find few steps to fix and avoid printer paper jam issues.

How to Fix And Avoid Paper Jam Error in Dell Printer

Switch-off Your Printer

Before you touch any internal part in your printer, turn off it to avoid any mishaps, mainly due to electricity supply. And laser printer are overheated that can harm you if you not careful. Paper in laser printer stuck near fuser which generate additional heat, and risk to touch any part around it. Wait for a while till temperature cools down and you not face any harm while touch it. Once it’s cool down you have to open the printer.

Open Paper Path Door

To remove the paper from printer you have to open all doors tending towards the path of paper. If you don’t have idea from which door to start, you can start by opening the paper input tray and following the paper path towards the output tray by exposing every door that you find on the way. If you face any kind of technical issues, you can call to Dell printer support to fix the paper jam issue of your Dell printer with safety.

Pull Out Paper Sheet and

Now use your bare hand to pull out sheets and other torn pieces that will again create obstruction while printing next document. To remove paper hold and pull paper carefully in the favorable direction and avoid pulling backward which can affect the Dell printer mechanism. Carefully find and remove every single piece of paper or other scrap materials. If you can’t find the paper or facing a problem to do this task, then call to Dell printer customer support and take help by professional technicians working for Dell PC.       


Restart Your Printer Again

After removing paper from your Dell printer, close all the doors you opened to clear-out jammed paper sheets. Now restart your printer, align paper properly in tray to get uninterrupted print-out. Make sure you have closed all the doors or any other parts, though Dell printers show indication of such activities, to inform the user.  If your problem still not solved and again you are facing paper jam issue, then dial Dell printer support number 1877-217-7933 and call the technician who will diagnosis the actual problem and solve permanently.

Fix Dell Printer Communication Error
How to Fix Dell Printer Communication Error?

Printers connect with computer get commands for printing any document. A printer can produce unlimited number of copies if it is well-connected with computer and controlled in highly professional manner. But if the communication lost between computer and printer, you cannot printing anything or control printer, especially for printing task.

Dell Wi-Fi printers allow wireless printing solution through different devices. But if you face communication error it would be not possible to get out prints from Dell printer. To fix the issue setup dell printer correctly and find below what are the main causes and how to solve it.

How to Fix Dell Printer Communication Error

Reasons behind the Communication Error  

When you fail to establish connection between your computer and Dell printer, or wireless communication lost you will notice communication error showing on your screen. The main reasons behind communication error are corrupted driver and damaged power cable. However, sometimes due to bad software, incorrect settings or hardware problem such errors appears that can be fixed with the help of tech professionals.

Indications of Communication Error

While connecting your printer with computer or other device you can encounter communication errors. Sometimes when other devices not support the printer, you will see error, especially at the time of taking printouts through Dell printer. To detect the actual cause of this error get Dell printer help offered by computer technicians.


How to Fix the Communication Error?

To get rid of communication error shown by your Dell printer, you can try various troubleshooting process. Install dell printer drivers properly or update with latest version, may be because of that this error is showing. Any other device connected with your printer sharing the same USB port can also affect communication. Devices connected with your printer creating power fluctuation can also show communication error.

Setup a Dell Wireless Printer
How to Setup a Dell Wireless Printer?

If you have Dell printer & don’t know How to Setup a Dell Wireless Printer? You can keep and configure it at centralize place to connect with other devices. A wireless network technology helps to connect multiple devices wirelessly allowing transfer files, play music and print documents through laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Dell wireless printer comes with latest technology compatible with various OS platforms. Configuring the same in right manner is very important to take out maximum output. Here below we will help you how to connect a Dell printer to wireless system.

Things You Need for Wireless System

To connect and configure Dell printer you need to collect few things like a wireless Dell printer, Wireless router, USB wireless setup cable and computer. These are the accessories necessary to connect Dell printer from wireless system and you can setup dell printer with the help of professionals who provide online assistance for such needs.

Install Software and Connect with Network

After taking out Dell printer from carton start it and boot your computer system where you have to install software installation disk and every Dell wireless printer comes with exclusive inbuilt wireless cards that help to auto detect it on wireless network. Install dell printer drivers to give print commands from your computer and other devices.

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Password Protection for Safe Access

To protect Dell printer from unauthorized use, it should be secured with unique password. And if you set your Dell wireless printer with password, you need to enter when you will try to connect other devices like laptop, netbook, tablets and smartphones. Wireless printing comes with advantage feature of password protection for safe printing.

Connect USB Wireless Setup with Cable

Now it’s time to connect USB wireless setup cable with router and your computer. When you connect your computer and printer with wireless router, you can allow access through any wireless network. If you face any kind of issue then call to Dell printer support phone number 1*877*217*7933 for immediate assistance to set your Dell wireless printer.

Fix Common Error Codes of Dell Printers
How to Fix Common Error Codes of Dell Laser Printers?

Dell Laser Printer Error Common Error codes are the indication of types of issue faced by the computer software or other application programs run into the systems. Dell printers if not installed properly or having technical faults will definitely show an error, and we will help you get know what is the indication of each error which can help your to troubleshoot various common errors with Dell printers.

Error Code: 004-332: When your Dell laser printer has cartridge related issue, this error code will be flashed on your computer screen. Restart your printer again and if you see again this error then, take Dell printer help to fix the error permanently.

Error Code: 1200: When cartridge of Dell laser printer is not adjusted properly, then you have to tight the string of printer. Actually, after printing large number of copies, the printing rope becomes slack which should be tight from time to time.

Error Code: 009-360: This error code directly related with yellow toner in cartridge of your Dell laser printer. Check the tonner and replace with the new one. This error can be appear when you change the yellow toner but not compatible to the cartridge of Dell printer.

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Print Head Error Message: This error message occurs when the printer head of Dell laser printer not properly cleaned. You can manually clean the printer head manually or you can install software to clean the printer head. Or call to Dell printer repair to do that professionally.

Error Code: 016-370: This error code means you have to restart your Dell laser printer. Switch off the printer and restart after reconnecting through well-established cable. If you see this error again, don’t wait anymore and call the technician for suitable solution.

Not Printing Black Text Message: This is an error message indicating that power supply of Dell laser printer is not properly connected or having some technical issues. Hence, Setup dell printer in right way and check the cable connected properly to run your printer uninterruptedly.

These are the most common error codes or messages which you can be fix without help any technician. However, if your Dell laser printer having some major issues, then it should be dealt with professional technicians to ensure the safety and privacy of your computer.

Connect a Dell Printer to a Wireless Network
How to Connect a Dell Printer to a Wireless Network?

Wireless technology facilitates users to connect the enabled device without using cables or wires. Likewise, Wi-Fi capable printer can help users to convert their document into hard copy without a wire line connection. Once you connect your Dell printer with wireless system you don’t need to reconnect the devices again, you can give print anytime whenever you needed.

Connecting Dell printer to a Wireless system is not easy for everyone, but Dell printer repair support service is available to help users for making such connections. The whole process is not so much complex but it requires a bit of technical know-how and extra care to avoid any setbacks. To connect Dell printer to a wireless system see below the whole process described step-by-step.

Step1: To connect your Dell printer wirelessly first insert the software installation disc that came with your Dell printer. Insert this disc and follow the instructions accordingly into the computer that has access to connect with your company’s Wi-Fi network.

Step2: Now connect your Dell printer with your computer through the USB cable that came with the device. Contact Dell printer support if you are not able to carry out this process.

Step3: In your computer system now click the start button and select “Programs to open the Dell printer’s settings to install the setup of wireless technology in your system.

Step4: Incomplete installation of driver will not allow you print any document from your Dell printer. Now click on “Dell printers” and click the tab called “Dell Printer Home” to proceed.

Step5: Now click the “Settings” option to open the wireless setup and click on the tab “Wireless setup utility that will help you establish connection with your computer.

Step6: Now search and select the wireless network of your company or home from the list of all networks available and press “continue” to create a set up.

Step7: Now you have to enter a password to access your Wi-Fi network, a pop-up message will appear asking whether you want to permit your Dell printer to access your network. Press ok and continue further, and if you face any issue contact to Dell printer support phone number +1-888-877-0901.

Step8: After creating a successful connection, just disconnect the printer’s USB cable and now your Dell printer is connected with your company’s network and ready to print every document wirelessly from any Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones etc.

Setup Dell Printer on Google Cloud Print
How To Setup Dell Printer on Google Cloud Print?

Converting e-document into a paper is only possible with printers, either you want to take out a copy of your CV or want to take out the copy of college assignment, or need a copy of project synopsis in office.  Yet, it is not possible to carry your printer everywhere which makes your print choice limited. But thanks to Google cloud print technology, it is now possible to print your document from your favorite device. See below how you can setup your Dell printer on Google web browser and also at Google cloud print.


Connecting Network-Attached Printer and Google Cloud-Ready Printer

If you want to use your chrome browser to print various document different computer systems your Dell printer should be connected with local network. And with the help of instructions given below, you can set up Google cloud print and enjoy a printing from different locations.

Step1: Open Google Chrome on your computer system connected with a network that is also attached with your printer. And login into your Google chrome account using your Gmail account details.

Step2: Open Menu and go to the setting option located on the right side of your chrome browser. This setting will help you to add the new printer into your chrome web browser.

Step3: After selecting the setting option you have to open advance setting option from the bottom of your chrome web browser. This option will help you to add your Dell printer into your

Step4: Sign in your Google print button and click on add printer button to connect your Google account to the Google print service. Dell printer support service can also help you to set up this process.

Step5: Now click on add printer’s option to add the printers connected to Google cloud print for your Google account.  After that you have to select manage your printer which will take you at Google print.

Step6: Now you have to search and select manage your printer from the menu given on the left side. Here you can see the list of all printers connected that appears when you give print via chrome.

Step7: To add clod printer you have to click on “Add a Cloud-Ready Printer” appears on the left hand side. Clicking on this menu will help you to take on the page of Google print page.

Step8: Now you can type the name of manufacturer of your printer, or your select your Dell from the left hand side. Select the manufacturers name and follow the instructions to set up Google cloud print.

After setting up this connection you can print your document through Google cloud print through your chrome browser. You can now select your saved printer and also can choose it to set as default printer.  And you are not able to establish this connection you can call to Dell Printer Customer supports to get online help service at your desk and enjoy Google cloud printing service.