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Troubleshoot Dell Scanner Problems
How to Troubleshoot Dell Scanner Problems?

When Dell scanner starts showing copying and scanning issue, you need to run a troubleshooting process to detect the actual problem and fix the same at your own levels. Actually there could be multiple types of errors that can create such issues, but with few simple steps given below you can troubleshoot Dell Scanner problem with right solution.

Dell Scanner is Not Responding

This is one of the most common problems with all types of printers and scanners. When your Dell scanning is not responding, set your printer at default scanner in the computer printer settings to restore the original factory settings. Get Dell scanner support to remove and reinstall the printer software to use scanning feature.

Poor Scanning or Quality Related Issues

If you are facing scanning quality related issues, clean the glass of your Dell scanner and adjust the quality setting from the printer software. Take help of user guide to review the scanning and copying settings to improve the quality. While scanning make sure the document is placed correctly on scanner glass and always use the clearer version of the original document or photo to scan properly and get best results.

Scanning Problem over Computer Network

If you want to scan a document through a Dell scanner connected through network, then make sure computer are connected to same network. Scanner connected through network creating problem may be affected due to many reasons. Also check dell scanner drivers is installed on the server computer used to connect other devices.


Scanning Not Completed or Taking Time

When scan is not successful first check USB connection, including the USB cable that could be damaged, if yes, replace with the new one. To replace the cable, serviceably plug the USB cable into the back side of printer or scanner. And when scanning takes longer time, then close other software and restart your computer. For Dell scanner troubleshooting, you need help of experts who can help you better with right solution.