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Tricks and Tips for Dell Tablet Efficient Use

Dell tablet is one of the portable devices configured with right combination of hardware components and software programs. Dell venue tablet runs on windows operating system offers a best platform to perform various actions like internet browsing, email communication and music playing etc. as per the customize needs of the different users.

May be you know how to operate it and use various functions but there are many tricks you don’t know that can help you in using Dell tablet more efficiently. Below we have discussed few tricks and tips useful for Dell venue tablets.

Swiping makes easier to access of various programs

Swiping with Dell tablets is quite enjoying as well as very handy. The most important swipe directions are swipe down, to close the current application. Swiping an upper direction shows the options while conversely swiping from left to right shows settings, whereas, left to right allow toggling between the apps. If there is any problem while performing these actions, you can get Dell tablet support to check the device functionality.        

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Recognition of Handwriting

On Dell Venue tablet you can choose various types of writing tools. While using on-screen keyboard click the little keyboard icon appearing on lower right corner of the keywords and you can find additional styles of keywords from which you can choose. However, if you need any kind of assistance for handwriting issues just call to Dell tech Support.

Change the Layout of Your Standard Keyboard

Apart from by default keyword style, you can choose from the menu metro screen that has better user-friendly action control at various span of time. At the bottom you can find standard keyboard layout and turn it on to see the different style of keyboards on your screen. If there is any issue, then get in touch with Dell tablet repair service 

Use Internet Browser at Faster Rate

On Dell venue Microsoft explorer works better than other web browsers like chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Actually Dell venue Pro supports resize gestures that chrome not allows on tablet screen. If a browser is not working properly then run Dell tablet troubleshooting process with the help of certified technicians to solve the browser issue.