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How To Fix Dell Power Vault 114X Error Code 6?

Dell is a well-known and widely used device that thousands of users around the world prefer, but problems can arise at any time. One such problem if error code 6 that initially creates a symbol as ID error number 6 on the display screen that usually occurs due to device problems while the media tape is being ejected. These are steps to Fix Dell Power Vault 114X Error Code 6 with a suitable solution

Steps to Fix Dell Power Vault 114X Error Code 6:- 

Step 1: Working with the EJECT button

  • The first thing is to press and then, hold the “EJECT” button which is located at the front section of the library. You will see that theLEDhas started blinking automatically in green light. The next thing is to release the “EJECT” button and then, wait for the tape to come out.

Step 2: Power off the library

  • Power off the librarycompletely and then, the media ejection should start working automatically
    the next thing is again to power off the library and then, remove the SCSI cable as soon as you have powered on the device
  • Users are requested to try to eject the media by pressing the eject button carefully.

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Step 3: Access the support case with Dell

  • If any of the above steps do not work then, it is strongly recommend to open a support case of the Dell where the tape library should be placed accurately.
    There is possibility that after the step has been performed, users may experience the “C code” patterns.
  • At last, users are supposed to perform a cleaning process by simply placing a cleaning cartridge as instructed by technicians.

I hope you will come over this issue easily but still if the issue persists to happen then, proceed to below section.

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