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How to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 077-900 & 077-90?

If you come across an annoying issue that when you try to take any prints from your Dell C1765nf / C1765nfw / C1660w / C1760nw laser printer, you’ve got Dell Printer Error Code 077-900 & 077-90 jam paper. You can’t understand the situation or the problem, that’s how to get rid of the problem? If yes, then don’t put up with tension, we’re available to help you with 247. Our well-experienced and qualified Dell tech support professional team can solve your Dell printer problems of any kind. So you don’t need to worry about 077-900 & 077-90 Errors Code, because it can be easily solved. Well, here’s the blog for Fix Dell Printer Error Code 077-900 & 077-90 step-by-step. You only need to follow the methods given below to fix the problem quickly.

Fix Dell Printer Error Code 077-900

Steps to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 077-900 & 077-90:- 

Method 1:- Troubleshoot Jammed Paper

Follow the steps to troubleshoot jammed paper

Steps 1:-Ensure Jammed Paper

  • Turn off the Printer machine and then remove the communication cables like USB or Ethernet, depending on Set-up.
  • Now remove any Jammed Paper from the Printer.
  • Now power the Printer machine on and confirm whether the Paper Jam error is occurred on start-up, even when no Paper is jammed.
  • If the Errors Code 077-900 & 077-90 is occurred on Start-Up, then you need to go the step 5.
  • And if no error is encountered on start-up, then you should try to the next step.

Step 2:- Print a System Settings Report

  • For printing a Settings Report you have to follow these steps.
  • Hit the “Menu” button.
  • Now use the “Down arrow” while “Reports/List” is highlighted and click “select (Tick)” button.
  • Now use the “Down arrow” while the “System Settings” is highlighted and then hit “Select (Tick)” button.
  • After then, if there is no paper jam error when printing the “Settings Page”, then just re-connects the communication cable and then try to print a Windows Test Page, and then go to the next step.

Step 3:- Printing the Windows

In the duration of printing the Windows Test Page, if there is no paper jam error, then the printer is working as designed.

Step 4:- Attempt System Settings Page

If the Jam issue recurs when the “System Settings Page” is attempted, just clean the “Feed Roller” in the printer machine.

Step 5:- Clean the Feed Roller

And if the paper Jam issue reappears after the feed roller has been cleaned (or the error has been shown on Start-Up), then please turn the “Printer off” and boot into the “Customer Mode” as indicated in the next step.

Step 6:- Go To Customer Mode & Run the Manual Feed

  • Under the “Customer Mode”, you need to just run the “Manual Feed” Test from the Main Paper Tray 1.
  • Then, while running the “Manual Feed Test”, you need to just listen carefully for any abnormal noises like grinding or whining from the motors.
  • Next, if you found the “Paper jams” while performing the manual test, and then go to the next step 7.
  • And if the paper has fed through while doing the manual test, then re-start the printer normally and try printing another “System Settings Report” and make sure if the jam recurs.
  • And if the paper jam recurs during the printing of the system settings page, then go to the next step 7.

Step 7:- Check LCD Panel

If the error is shown on the LCD Panel on the Start-Up, then you should contact us to get Dell technical support for Dell printer problems.

If you are facing the problem again and are unable to fix errors 077-900 and 077-901 on Dell Laser Printer after performing all of these above steps, then you can contact us by dialing our toll-free number for comprehensive guidance.

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Method 2:- Unplug the Printer, then Plug the printer & Print a test page

Step 1:- Unplug the Printer

First, power off the printer and unplug the printer from the wall.

Step 2:- Open the Rear Cover

  • Push the rear cover release handle and open the rear cover.
  • Lift up the fusing release levers.

Step 3:- Remove Any Paper Jammed

Remove any jammed paper from the printer’s back. If no paper is found in the paper path, remove from the output tray any paper that has been jammed.

Step 4:- Open Scanner Unit & Close

  • Lift and open the scanner unit.
  • Remove any paper jammed out of the output tray.
  • Lower and close the scanner unit.
  • Lower the fusing release levers to their original position.

Step 5:- Close the Rear Cover

Now you need to close the rear cover

Step 6:- Plug the Printer

  • Plug the printer back into the outlet.
  • Power the printer back on.

Step 7:- Load Sheet

  • Load 1 sheet into the paper tray.
  • For the C1765NFW model press and hold the “AC” button for 5 seconds until the paper is pulled through the printer.
  • For C1660W, C1760W, and E525W models, press and hold the cancel button “X” for 5 seconds until the paper is pulled through the printer.

Step 8:- Print a test page.

Finally, you need to do to print a test page.

I hope your error is fixed.

In case, this error is still displaying, then you must contact our Dell Customer Support team to take instant help.

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