Windows 10 Update
How to Prepare Your Dell Laptop for Windows 10 Update?

Are you mulling to upgrade your Dell laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10? Hold on for a while, before you download and start the process. Actually, there few things that should be done before initiating this process. Below we have mentioned the critical steps that should be considered before upgrading windows 10 to avoid any issue.

How to Prepare Your Dell Laptop for Windows 10 Update

System Compatibility and General Issues       

Every Dell laptop is checked for system compatibility to support windows 10 operating system. Check your laptop model is eligible to upgrade, whether existing hardware configuration is enough or not, dell laptop drivers support or not or need to upgraded. And Dell has also identified several issues that may affect while updating.

Free-up Some Space from Hard Disk

Windows 10 needs extra space compare to windows 8 to install into your system. Make sure your hard disk, especially C drive has sufficient space. To make space delete unwanted files like movies, media files, junk files and uninstall unnecessary programs and applications to allow windows 10 to install into your Dell laptop.

Backup Files and Create Recovery Discs

Keep the backup of all documents and files stored into existing operating system. And also create recovery disc of your current version windows, in case you want to reinstall later on in near future. Windows 10 offers 30 days option to roll back to previous version and if you face problem you can take help by Dell laptop tech support.

Update Drivers and BIOS in your Dell PC

Dell should always update the BIOS and drivers for the operating system you are going to use into your system. Actually, when you update driver, it is migrated to new version instead of installing new one. Similarly also update BIOS but check your laptop service tag and find the right driver compatible with your Dell laptop model.

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Update Windows 10 and other Settings

Now you can download and update windows 10 into your Dell laptop. Just follow the recommended steps and you will have new version of operating into your Dell laptop. Once you download, reboot your system and enjoy next generation of computer on your Dell laptop. To download drivers visit at the website of Dell and if you face any kind technical problem you can call to get Dell customer support at your desk.