Update To Windows 10 in Dell Laptop
How to Update To Windows 10 in Dell Laptop?

Dell users running their laptop in windows 8.1 operating system are getting a great opportunity to upgrade their OS to windows 10 freely without any charges. Actually, up to 29th July 2016 Microsoft is offering free upgrade to windows 10 and afterwards it will be chargeable. You should also do it now and enjoy newfangled windows platform. If you don’t know how to do it, we will tell you how to update to windows 10 in dell laptop with safety.

Inspect System Requirement and Eligibility 

Before your download and run upgrading process, check the hardware configuration of your Dell laptop so that it can support minimum requirement of windows 10 features. To install windows 10 in your Dell laptop should have at least 20GB Hard disk space, 2GB RAM, 1GHz processer, and an uninterrupted internet speed to completely download all the update and install them into system for successful run without any issue.

Download Complete Setup of Windows 10 in your PC

Never install such significant and large size updates directly from the server, instead first download the whole setup into your system and then execute the file for installation. Dell laptop technical support recommends that direct installation of update is risky, as if your internet connection breaks, or due to power supply failure laptop battery down, or system crash etc. that cause serious damages like data loss, window crash or other risks. Hence, always download the entire setup in your system and then install for complete effect.

What to Do After Upgrading your Del PC?

When your downloading and installation completed you have to check few things and customize them as per your requirements. Install latest drivers and adjust settings like power display, battery saver, default browser, antivirus and other software etc. And it’s better to take help for dell laptop drivers to update all the necessary software as per the compatibility and availability. You can also change other settings as per needs.

You can also Return Back to your Previous Versions of OS

If you don’t like the user-interface of windows 10, you can switch back to your previous version to windows 8 or 8.1. But it is possible if you have not cleanup your Dell laptop or restored factory settings etc. And as per the current offers you can return back to within the 31 days of download. And if you face problem while downloading windows 10 or while using it in your PC, then call to Dell laptop support phone number +1-888-877-0901 for help.