Things to Do After Upgrading Dell Laptop to Windows 10

Upgrading your Dell Laptop to windows 10 would be not enjoying until and unless you reset various settings and download few updates. Actually, there are few things which should be updated and configured to adjust setting as per the windows 10 user-interface. Below you can find what are the top things and how to updates various settings after upgrading to windows 10.

Fully Updates Windows 10

Even after upgrading your Dell laptop to windows 10, you need to update it, as may be you have downloaded the older version of Windows 10 and after that many updates would have been released by Microsoft. To use windows 10 efficiently and free from bugs, update it. Dell customer support at +1-888-877-0901is available to help users for update issues, and you can also get online solution for any other issue affecting the windows performance.

Install All Essential Drivers

After upgrading to windows 10, may be many drivers would be missing from your Dell PC. Drivers are necessary to control a particular action of hardware parts. Printer, audio, video, wireless and touchpad etc. drivers are basic requirements that should be installed in your PC. Before updating all these drivers you need to check your system. Support for Dell laptop drivers issue is available online for end-users.

Enable the Privacy Settings of Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, you must check and enable the privacy settings of windows which might be changed due to upgrading to a higher version. Enable the privacy settings that that helps your PC from virus threats and other cyber risks. Though, window 10 comes with window defender that provides complete security to your PC with a better level of protection. If you need help to enable privacy settings you can to Dell laptop technical support +1-888-877-0901 and get online assistance by best computer technicians.