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Fix Dell Laptop Bluetooth Not Working Problem

Dell Laptop Bluetooth Not Working

Bluetooth, a wireless technology for short distance sharing of data. All laptops released by Dell have recently been pre-installed and have Bluetooth drivers. Sometimes, you might encounter Dell Laptop Bluetooth Not Working properly.  Generally speaking a message that your app does not work with Windows 10 pops up on your phone. This error message is triggered by an obsolete version of Bluetooth. You cannot share Bluetooth data because of this mistake. You must correct this error as quickly as possible if this error is repeatedly received during the use of Dell Laptop. But only when you know the correct protocol can you solve the problem.

Therefore, we have mentioned here in this article some essential and effective solutions to solve your Dell laptop’s Bluetooth problem.

Causes for Dell Laptop Bluetooth not Working Windows 10

Behind this Bluetooth laptop, some particular reasons don’t fit in Dell mistake. Take a look at the following:

  • You will face this irritating issue if the bluetooth driver isn’t rightly installed on your Dell laptop.
  • This error message can be exposed in an obsolete version of Bluetooth.

Then you have to follow the steps to repair a glitch if you fail to end this error message.

Steps to Fix Dell Laptop Bluetooth not Working

Step 1: Download and Install the Bluetooth Driver

First and foremost, you must disinstall the Bluetooth driver and reinstall the driver when you face this Dell XPS Laptop. Follow the instructions given in the following section to uninstall the program:

  • Go to the Control Panel option first and then go to the Software option.
  • Go to the ‘Programs and features’ option afterwards. You open a list of installed apps. Then check for software bluetooth. Right-click on the Uninstall option and click on it. Then press the OK button to move on.
  • The machine restarts after the program has been successfully uninstalled.
  • Second, open the default search bar and browse the official Dell website.
  • Enter your model number on the laptop in the package. But, you must first verify that you have 32-bit or 64-bit support on your device.
  • Find out the Download option by clicking the bluetooth driver from the list.
  • On your device, Download and extract the bluetooth driver. Then go to the folder C:\Dell\Drivers, and find out which driver is bluetooth.
  • Win 64 or Win 32 is now available (For 32- bit). After this, find and install the file ‘BtwMM.exe’ on your Dell device.
  • Then find and install the ‘Inst.exe’ file.
  • Delete your system at last. Open the Bluetooth option on your Dell device after restarting the system and detect if the error continues.

Step 2: Update Bluetooth Drivers

If this does not enable you to delete the error you can use the steps listed below to get rid of the Windows 10 situation on Dell Laptop Bluetooth.

  • Check first for and launch the Device Manager on your system choice. Then the Bluetooth driver will be identified.
  • Right-click on the module option Bluetooth then click on the driver update option.
  • Then press “My driver software browser.” Next. Then press ‘Pick me from a list of device drivers on your computer’ on the message panel.
  • Pick “Drivers or Software for Bluetooth” and then press Next. On your computer will pop up a driver update dialog box.

In case, if you face any trouble during the troubleshooting process, you can directly connect our Dell Tech support team. Our professionals are having years of experience in troubleshooting any issues related to the bluetooth in Windows 10 .

Dell Customer Support Number Is Available 24×7

Dial at our Dell Customer Support Number anytime and interact with our executives regarding your queries. We will provide you with the best results that will help to diminish your technical glitches without taking too much time. We have offered an option of live chat where you can reach us any time of the day for acquiring immediate solutions to mitigate Dell laptop bluetooth not Connecting error. Visit our site and talk with our experts by asking all your tech-related queries.

Lastly, we also have the ultimate solutions for you to avail our technical aid in the form of an email. Address your technical worries to us through email and our experts will make you get rid of the troubles at once.

How to fix Dell XPS 15 Laptop Screen Flicker

[Fixed] Dell XPS 15 laptop Display flickering

If you’re a user of the Dell laptop and often encounter the Dell XPS 15 Screen flicker problem then this guide will surely help you fix the problem. Screen flicker is a common and troubling issue for all users of Dell laptops. Imagine a scenario where you perform an important job and your screen starts to flicker randomly.

Dell XPS 15 screen flickering

That is one of the most frustrating experiences you can ever experience. So take the necessary measures and eliminate the error as quickly as possible. If you don’t know the exact process to handle this error, take the help from this article. We will address here all the useful approaches and solutions which will make your job much easier.

Easy Solutions to Fix Dell XPS 15 screen flickering Issue:

Now, now is the time to let you know about some of the productive solutions that you can implement to address the Dell XPS screen flicker issue on your own. To get rid of the situation without any hassle, go through the steps mentioned below.

Solution 1

Simple step by step to fix Dell XPS 15 Laptop Screen flickering issue.

Step 1

First, click the Start menu button located at the bottom of your computer’s left-hand side. Click on the Settings icon then

Step 2

A grid of Windows Settings will appear on your screen after you click on that. And then, click on the Devices icon.

Step 3

You have to scroll down and switch to the bottom of the page after you’re finished with all the steps listed in the above section. Click the Devices and Printers link then.

Step 4

Post this, your screen will have the Device Manager window appear. Then, double-click on the option Display adapters from the list that appears before you. Then double-click on the option Intel HD Graphics 530 where the last digits may vary with a different system type.

Step 5

Now will start the window for Intel HD Graphics. Then click the Drivers tab at the top of your computer screen, and then click the Driver Update option.

Step 6

When the new Window will appear on your screen now, click on the Search automatically option and follow as per the on-screen instructions. While finishing all the task now, you have to check if the problem with your Dell XPS 15 9550 flickering screen is resolved or not. If the problem still persists then, you may follow the next method.

Solution 2 for Dell XPS 15 Laptop Screen Flicker

Here’s another procedure that can help you get the Dell XPS screen flicker fixed. Go through the five simple steps to solve your on the go question.

Step 1

You have to Turn on your computer to do it at first. You need to shut down your system by pressing and holding the power button when the OS Loading Screen appears in front of you.

Step 2

Wait a few minutes after that to complete the automated process of repairing and press the Advanced Options button. Then pick the Advanced option and troubleshoot options.

Step 3

While finishing these steps you have to click on the Start-up settings option which will be appeared on the next screen. Then go to button restart.

Step 4

The machine will now restart, and you can choose the Startup Settings according to your preference. And, choose Option 4. Then, press the F4 key from your keyboard to enable Safe Mode.

Step 5

Right-click the Start button on the next step, and select the option Apps and Features. Then scroll down to your new Window and click on the link Program and Features. This option is located on your computer screen on the right hand side. Then go to the Intel Graphics Driver search list and then click the entry and then click the Uninstall button. After completing all the mentioned steps before, now you have to restart your computer and then, install the correct driver.


The above steps will effectively help you get rid of the Dell XPS 15 Screen flicker problem. If you need more information about this topic then visit our website or opt for help from a professional.

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How to Fix windows 10 error code 0xc00000f

Error code 0xc00000f windows 10

After Windows 10 1909 update, won’t Windows start? Getting the BCD Error Code 0xc000000f/0xc0000225 at startup with a blue screen? This Windows 10 Error code 0xc000000f directly specifies that BCD (Boot Configuration Data) does something wrong. And it couldn’t load the application or operating system because a required file is missing or contains errors.


Causes of windows 10 error code 0xc00000f

The most common reason for the error code 0xc000000f is because BOOTMGR is not able to find the BCD file. Power outages, disk-write errors or incompatible devices could cause it to be damaged or missing. Whatever the reason, we have different solutions here to help fix error code 0xc000000f Windows 10.

Remove and restart all external devices, such as external HDD, USB Drive, Printer, Scanner. After adding new hardware to your computer recently: remove it, restart the computer and check if the error screen will appear again.

Perform Startup Repair

Perform Startup Repair from advanced boot options that diagnose and fix problems automatically to prevent windows starting normally.

  • To do this You need to boot system from windows installation media. If you don’t have then create a new installation media / Bootable USB.
  • Skip The first Screen and next on installation screen Click Repair Computer.
  • This will Restart windows
  • Next click Troubleshoot then Advanced Options.
  • Click on Startup Repair to start the diagnose process.

This will scan Fix If any programs normally cause windows to start. Windows after That restart and check Started normally.

Set correct partition as active

Some Times this error screen appears because an incorrect partition is set as active, you can use the diskpart utility to set the correct partition.

  • For this again access advanced options then click command prompt.
  • Now Type Disk Part and hit the enter key.
  • Next type List Disk, hit the enter key.

And the Windows installation partition must be Active you can do this by type command active. Restart windows and check Started normally.

Rebuild BCD in Windows 10

The “File:” row mentions “\boot\bcd” on certain errors as a potential corrupted or damaged file that causes the “Your PC needs to be repaired” screen to appear, along with the exact error code in the “Error code:” row. In these cases, you can rebuild the BCD as it could damage or corrupt your computer’s BCD file.

To Rebuild damaged BCD again Access Advanced options and click on Command prompt.

Now Perform Bellow commands to rebuild The corrupted BCD.

  • Bootrec.exe \fixmbr
  • Bootrec.exe \fixboot
  • Bootrec \rebuildBcd
  • Bootrec /Scanos

This will definitely fix the configuration data and thus, the BCD Error Code 0xc000000f in Windows 10 will. Also, Check for Disk Errors by the following below.

Check Disk Drive Errors

After rebuilding BCD On Same Command prompt type chkdsk / f / r to check and fix disk drive errors, bad sectors, causing the boot error. When you type in this will start the disk error scanning process. Wait until the scanning process is completed by 100 per cent. You will get a screen after the scanning process is complete as shown below. Type Exit to close the command prompt and then restart the windows start normally without any Startup Error.

Create a new EFI Partition

EFI partition may be absent in certain circumstances but don’t worry because you can comfortably create a new one. But make sure to have a “Windows installation media” (bootable USB / DVD) and a free disk space of 200 MB before that.

Skip the first screen on the next screen Press Shift + F10 to open Command prompt. Then type the following commands successively and press Enter after each of them: Note the letter (ltr) down. You will also need to recognize the volume ltr containing your Windows partition

Now type: bcdboot C:\Windows / l en-gb / s B:/f ALL; assuming, for the EFI, that C is the letter for Windows partition besides B.

That’s All Now Reboot your PC and check if windows normally start.

How To Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0146 in Inspiron 3135?

The dell error code 2000-0146 (DST Log contains previous errors) most likely occurs while restarting or rebooting your inspiron 3135 or other Laptop system. Such error can lead to serious problem and so, you are suggested to fix Dell Error Code 2000-0146 on prompt basis. For that, users are recommended to approach at Dell Laptop Customer Support Service for better assistance.

Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0146

The Dell Customer Care Service—more smart but all-in-one customer service—helps the needy users to comprehend the real-time Dell inspiron 3135 Error Code 2000-0146, 0146 and also make it be sorted by simply implementing the most suited troubleshooting solution for the particular problems. Now, readers can experience that dell error resolution is not that cup of tea.

The aforesaid error can be experienced in different points of time such as unable to reboot your operating system in your dell, black screen, and technical faults arising in the Dell inspiron operating system. Nevertheless, there are an extensive variety of reasons, identify and troubleshoot the Windows restarts and crashes caused by blue screen, and many more are there to list out.

But here, we are going to give an extensive range of solutions for Dell Hard Drive Error Code 2000-0146:

Steps To Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0146 in your Inspiron 3135

  • Solution 1 : Diagnose/fix the hardware issues with built-in diagnostic process
    • Dell itself has a set self-diagnostics tools built on the Desktop, Servers, Windows based tablets.
    • By making use of Dell Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment (ePSA) or Dell Pre-Boot System Assessment (PSA) Diagnostics, users can know the reason of inability of booting process.
    • Once your system diagnosed with an issue then it will be displayed in the form of ePSA, service tag, or validation error
    • Then, finally, give a reference to the “Reference Table of ePSA, PSA Error Codes and Troubleshooting Steps”
    • Give a full read to the meaning and resolution of the same error which you are experiencing out there.
    • Now, your hardware will work correctly up to the mark. If not so, then you are having an issue with your system’s operating system.

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  • Solution 2: Diagnose/fix the hardware issues with Online diagnostic process
  •  If users have internet-connected digital device then they are advised to navigate to the official website of the Dell and   then enter all the required information regarding your error codes in the given field box. Finally, make a request for pre-boot diagnostics on your computer system. Now, you will get all the detail related to your error code and also the best resolution steps for your issues promptly in the comprehensible manner.
I hope your issue is Solved after followed by the above steps

In case, if you have any kind of issue to follow the above steps, then you can contact at our Dell Laptop Support Service.

Dell Customer Support Service

Connect us at the Dell Tech Support Service for quality Error Resolution   

We always try to make endeavor to connect the needy dell users with our third-party customer care service for rendering the best resolution swiftly. To do so, users are suggested to dial the Dell Laptop Repair Service, a toll-free  +1-844-200-2814  number, serviceable 24/7/365 days throughout the globe.

How to Stop Beep Sound in Dell Laptop Windows 10

Guide to Turn off or Disable System Beep Sound in Windows 10

You can hear beeping sound on your Windows 10, for several reasons. If in Dell Laptop Windows 10 you don’t know how to turn off or stop Beep Sound, then try to concentrate on the post. This consists of several instructions which will further assist you. But before we go into the process of troubleshooting, let’s first concentrate on the causes to come across this issue with your program.

disable System Beep in Windows 10

Reasons To Encounter Beeping Issue

This beeping tone can be heard when the machine is experiencing any initial system errors. If the machine experiences these errors when it begins, BIOS uses this beeping code to notify users of the error.

Methods to Stop Beep Sound in Dell Laptop Windows 10

Here, the experts provided more than one hacks to fix your system’s beeping sound. Try to scrupulously follow them all.

Solution 1: Using Run Dialogue Box

using Run-box

You can Address the beeping problem by using the Run dialog box. Try to focus on the steps listed below to execute this action.

Tap Start menu at first, and type Run to invoke Run box. After that, choose Run from the search results list and a Run dialog box appears on your screen. Or, focus on your keyboard, while simultaneously pressing Windows+R to start the Run dialog box.

Type “sc stop beep & & & sc config beep start= disabled” in the Run dialog box, and press OK or hit Enter to proceed.

If after carrying out this action this error remains then try to focus on the next method listed below.

Solution 2: Using Device Manager

device manager

Using device manager, you can repair the beeping sound too. Try to follow the steps listed below in that scenario.

Initially place a Start Click and type Run. Several search results can be seen, choosing Run from that part. Or, just concentrate on your keyboard and press Windows + R to start the Run tab.

In the Run dialog box, type “devmgmt.msc”and hit Enter to continue or, place a click the OK button. The device manager is to open after this operation.

Tap the View button in Device Manager Window, and click on the link “Display hidden apps.” After that, you will find the option Non-plug and the group Play Drivers. But first make sure, after going to that section, that you have allowed the option’ Display hidden devices.’

Turn Off System Beep Sounds in Windows 10

Find and select the group after performing the entire action, and find the beep option. Double-click the’ Beep Properties ‘ window to open it. Click the’ Drivers ‘ tab in this window.

And select the option’ Disabled’ from the Program style drop-down menu. Try restarting your device after executing the entire action, it will apply all changes. Upon restarting it will delete the beep sounds from the Mac.

Solution 3: Disable System Sounds Using Control Panel

disable system sound

You can also troubleshoot this issue from the control panel.on that note, try to focus on the following steps.

Go to the start menu at first, and pick the search option. In the “Control Panel” style search box. You can see multiple search results, from which you must select the appropriate one.

Now, pick the choice View by category and press Hardware and Sound. You can see it opening a new tab. Find the segment on sound from that window. Now, press the choice Sounds Switch system.

Stop Beep Sound in Dell Laptop Windows 10

Now, choose the default beep in the Sounds tab. Afterwards emphasis on the range of sound properties. You can see a menu for the sounds.

You must select the None option after that, and click Apply / OK to continue. The beep-sound will be stopped after that. If the error persists then try following the next step indicated below.

Solution 4: Using the Volume Mixer Option


You can also use the option Volume Mixer to solve this problem. Open your windows system on that note, and try to follow the steps below.

At first, try finding the volume icon in the task bar and right-clicking it. Now go to the context menu and select the Open Volume Mixer option. To make sure you have activated the sound slider at the bottom in the first step.

You will repeat the step for your headphones and external speaker. If the beep sound continues then try to focus on the next method listed below.

Solution 5: Using Rename Folder Option

You can also work out this question by changing the folder name. Try to follow the steps set out below in that section.

Click on the option This PC and open the window C>>. You must then click on the view tab from the File Explorer menu and select the “Secret Objects” option to check the box.

Disable System Beep in Windows 10

Now, place a right click on the media folder and choose the rename option. Now, give a proper name of your media. Save the modifications now, and restart your machine. This time you’ll be able to solve the problem yourself.

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Hope, you’ve already solved the problem by yourself using the advice kit. When you continue to face some system-related problems, you should concentrate on the additional articles on our website.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On

Laptops have gained a special place in our day-to-day life owing to their increasing use in each and every field. IN today’s tech world, laptop plays very important role. Let the purpose be any, from office work, watching movies, personal work, playing games, backing up data, and so on. Laptops are here for us. But what if your laptop suddenly doesn’t turns on! The reason can be many for “Dell laptop won’t turn on” issue. Let us have a look at these reasons first.

Part 1: Common Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On Issues

As said, the reason behind “Dell laptop screen won’t turn on after closing lid” issue can have numerous forms. Some of which are enlisted below for your reference.

  • Laptop not turning on
  • Laptop stuck at boot screen
  • Laptop not turning on power light blinking
  • Laptop stuck at blinking cursor
  • Laptop not turning on and beeping
  • Laptop stuck at black screen won’t turn on
  • Laptop stuck on windows loading screen
  • Laptop won’t turn on power light just flashes
  • Laptop stuck installing updates
  • Laptop won’t turn on or charge

Let the reason may any behind your “Dell laptop not turning on” issue, we have solutions for all such cases.

Part 2: How to Fix Dell Laptop Not Turning On

Now that we are done with all the situations you may face while handling a laptop, we will now discuss the best solutions for your “my Dell laptop won’t turn on” issue. Find the one that best suits your problem.

Solution 1: Check the Power Supply and Battery

The very first thing to do is to check if your Dell laptop is getting sufficient amount of power to turn on efficiently. If it will not get sufficient power, how can you expect it to turn on! Follow a check of below mentioned points before going on to actual solutions:

Try changing the power source of your Dell laptop wherein the adapter of your laptop is connected

Now verify whether any lights are displayed on the charger; Dell chargers come with an indicator that indicated if any power is there

In case no lights are seen, try with some different charger

In addition, depending on the laptop model, on the laptop’s front side LED lights are present; these turn on when the charging is on

Solution 2: Press Power Button

The electric current or power supply remaining in the circuits even though your laptop is not connected to any battery or power supply is known as flea power. This flea power or static electricity might get collected in the circuits. And hence this can interrupt the normal starting up process of your Dell laptop. To remove this flea power entirely, follow below steps.

Step 1: Remove the battery from your laptop entirely.

Step 2: Now press your laptop’s power button for at least 30 seconds.

Step 3: Now simply connect your AC adapter and try to turn on your laptop but without battery. The flea power will be removed now. Now try turning on your laptop with battery and you will find that your “Dell laptop screen won’t turn on but has power” issue no longer exists.

Steps to Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10

Laptop is an essential device to carry out your important works. Be it public, private or jobs in the educational sector, the need for a laptop is mandatory. Though a variety of companies are available in the market which manufactures advanced quality of laptops, Dell is the most preferred one among them. Dell is an American multinational company which is renowned for the developing and selling IT products. It manufactures laptop models for both the corporate class as well as for the consumer class such as N series, Vostro, Inspiron, XPS and many more. Dell laptops are so user-friendly that they have become one of the favorite brands of laptops in recent times.

Although the Dell laptops are known for their awesome performance, it might happen that you are unable to use it due to some technical issues. With the continuous usage of an electronic device, it might undergo technical breakdowns, and your Dell laptop is no different. Are you noticing any unexpected behavior of your device such as overheating, frequent shutdowns, automatic hangings.., etc? Try to factory reset your Dell laptop by applying some easy methods mentioned in this article. We have included some simple hacks to easily Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10.

Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10

Quick tips to run factory reset process on your Dell laptop:

First step:

Prior to start the resetting process, you need to navigate to the “recovery section” available within the PC settings. Then you should write “reinstall” within the search box present inside the “start menu” and then tap on “remove everything and reinstall Windows” within the displayed results.

Second step:

Tap on “recovery” available on the displayed left list. Then, tap on “next” to proceed further.Third step:

You are now supposed to choose “just remove my files” in case you want to reset your Dell laptop to factory settings quickly. This option helps you to remove your data in no time and keep a certain amount of data recoverable. You might also select the “fully clean the drive” option which might take around fifty minutes or more to complete the factory reset procedure. This time limit might vary according to your computer’s speed. This process will completely clear all your computer data. So, keep a backup of your data beforehand in any external storage device.

Fourth step:

Now you need to tap on “reset” at first. The moment you select the “reset” option, you can not cancel your selection and go back to the previous status.

Fifth step:

The step will take a couple of minutes to get completed. As the process completes, you will receive a message saying the “factory reset finishes successfully”. This indicates the proper completion of your factory reset dell laptop windows 10 from bootprocess. Now, your dell laptop is ready to perform like before.

If you already have a certain level of technical knowledge, you can perform these above-mentioned steps easily. But if you are a complete novice in this field, you might face difficulties while applying these steps. Consult with professional Dell experts about your concerns and avail thorough guidance to finish the factory reset process of your Dell laptop.

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Reach our experts by dialing to avail instant help regarding dell factory reset:

Dell Support Number +1-844-200-2814 Don’t waste your time and money on unsuccessful repairing services. Choose our service to get satisfactory results for your Dell laptop related issues. You can write down your issues and send us emails any time of the day to get a response from us. You can dial our toll-free Dell Support Number and talk to our experts directly to resolve the errors of Dell laptops. Feel free to share your queries with our team of professionals through our online live chat support. Our experts are 24×7 available to listen to your queries. So, get in touch with us and avail proper assistance regarding dell laptop factory reset windows 10.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Not Starting Error?

If your Dell laptop is not starting up properly as it hung on the boot screen or stuck on Dell logo, and has not anything to go on? If yes! Then don’t worry as I understand it’s a really frustrating situation. Well, many users faced such issue, and it’s very easy to Fix Dell Laptop Not Starting Error. Because there are many excellent ways or solutions are available to fix such issue.

So when you encounter Dell Laptop Not Starting, then don’t need to panic. In this article, you will get the best guidelines to resolve the error with simple short tips. Below are mentioned the easy solutions, so following those steps and can quickly start up your laptop.

Easy Solutions to Fix Dell Laptop Not Starting Error

Dell Laptop Not Starting Error

Before starting the process, you should do to power on or start the operating system on your Dell laptop. In case of no power, or when you press the “Power” button and the dell laptop doesn’t respond. Then perform the followings solutions or step to resolve the error.

Solution 1:- Performing a Hard Reset

  • First of all, you should try to switch off your Dell laptop.
  • Then you have to disconnect the AC adaptor.
  • Next, remove the battery.
  • Now, all the external devices should be disconnected like USB, Laptop cards, and cables should be done.
  • Press the “Power” button for a few seconds in order to drain the residual power.
  • Now again connect the AC adapter and the battery.
  • Then you should try to open your Dell Laptop again. In case, if this solution does not work, then go to the next solution.

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Solution 2:- Ensure That Your Dell Laptop is charged

You should try to verify is that your laptop is charged. If you sure, that it’s fully charged, then, plug your power adapter into an outlet and into your laptop. And then observe that when you plug in the power adapter to the laptop, a light should show on your adapter to appear your adapter is ready to power your device. If no light appears on your adapter, then possibly there is a problem with your adapter. So try to check your adapter, and try to plug in the adapter to a different power outlet correctly. Still, if Dell Laptop Not starting, so that means really you having an issue into your adapter, so replace it immediately.

Solution 3:- Run the Hardware Diagnostics

Occasionally, there may be issues occur in your Dell laptop or computer due to a hardware issue. In that case, you need diagnostics, which are available to help fix the issue.

Ensure that, a diagnostic test should be performed to remove any error that might give a problem in the future.

Consequently, I hope your error is solved to Fix Dell Laptop Not Starting Error after trying out all the above-suggested solutions.

But, in case, if you are still getting this error after pursued the above solutions, then it’s highly advised that you should approach with us to obtain the right guidance or solutions.

Dell Support Professional Is Always Ready To Help 24/7:-

Dell Tech Support

Dial Dell Support Number anytime and connect 24/7 with us to get the excellent support & reliable resolutions. We are reliable and independent third-party tech support service providers & providing top-class Dell technical support services as and when required. Diagnosing Dell Laptop issues is our single motive in order to transport users with the optimized solutions to their issues. Our team of expert is highly educated and experienced possesses the full capability to fix Dell laptop issues within a defined timeline. Hence, call on our toll-free number to hassle-free connect with technicians to get the best possible solutions to fix further Dell Laptop queries.

Fix Dell Printer Communication Error
How to Fix Dell Laptop Error Code 2000-0416 or 2000-0412?

If you are getting Error Code 2000-0416 or 2000-0412, while using your Dell Laptop? If yes, then don’t worry about it. Fix Dell Laptop Error Code 2000-0416 is not such a difficult task for you. The error code 2000-0416 is related to the hard disk on your Dell Laptop. It mainly affects your hard drive and could cause your laptop to interrupt its functionality. This is one of the common issues with HDD, which faced by many numbers of users complaint to receiving the same error. The error code 2000-0142 as well error 200-0146. Refers to the self-test conducted by Dell being failed.

Fix Dell Laptop Error Code 2000-0416

Therefore, the error can be caused due to the hard disk corruption, power issue, and installation issue, etc. You can either use safe mode to boot into your system or use the other OS if you have a dual boot installed on your system. The system will begin to freeze frequently and operations may stop shortly. Eventually, the error will cause your hard drive to develop bad sectors and your Dell laptop may stop booting at all. Thus, it’s important for you to instantly solve the issue by following the troubleshooting steps, that suggested by Dell Laptop service professionals. Then you need to follow the steps that defined below to quickly fix the problem.

Before the process, you should take a backup of all your data on the laptop so that you will not end up losing your important information. Ensure that you are backing it up to an external hard disk.

Steps To Fix Dell Laptop Error Code 2000-0416 or 2000-0412?

Step 1:- Go to BIOS Settings

First of all, you have to go into your BIOS settings. Make sure that BIOS settings option would depend on the exact model you have.

Step 2:- Verify Hard Drive Status

Now you have to check the Hard Drive status in your BIOS settings.

Step 3:- Check the SATA

If it has changed from SATA, change it back to SATA.

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Step 4:- Format the Drive

Then you have to format the drive.

Step 5:- Install your OS

Once the drive is formatted properly, install your OS once again. You may need the installation media or use any other option available to you.

I hope your issue is solved.

In case, you have an issue to follow the above steps, then you should take professional help to fix it.

Call at Dell Laptop Support Number to Immediate Help:-

Dell Laptop Support Number

You can hassle-free dial at Dell Laptop Support Number  +1-844-200-2814 , which is a toll-free and accessible 24×7 hours. Our third-party tech support helpdesk offers round the clock assistance; as our certified and experienced experts will give you the comprehensive support solve issues. Thus, it promises you will never disappoint after grabbing the most effective solutions and appropriate support to the Dell Laptop technical issues. Hence, connect with the professional now via a toll-free number and get the extensive support and easiest solutions to resolve Dell Laptop queries.

Steps to Fix a Dell Laptop Which is not Charging

There are many reasons why a Dell laptop is facing issues while charging. You need to inspect the cord, outlet, and connection because these are easily diagnosed and often resolve the problems. If you still face problems, than contact Dell Laptop Support.

Steps to Fix a Dell Laptop Which is not Charging:

  • First you need to unplug the laptop and wait for two or three minutes and then plug it back into an outlet in another room.
  • Reboot the laptop and try to removing the battery if the battery is removable.
  • Also try to cool down the laptop.
  • If your laptop battery becomes very hot then it could be the main culprit for the charging issue in your laptop.
  • The next step is to shut down the laptop, remove the battery, and plug the computer in and wait for at least half an hour to cool it down completely.
  • Then switch on your laptop without the battery.
  • If the laptop will not switch on, then might be you require to purchase a new cord.
  • Sometimes the laptop face issues during charging and battery might have some problem.
  • This might be resolves your issue because it seems that your battery might be dead and needs a replacement.
  • The next step is to replace the charger.
  • Try to purchase a new charger, or get one from your friend.
  • If the laptop charger is faulty, then purchase a new one from a computer store.

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