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How to Fix Dell Error Code 0146

Users who have been using the Dell devices for a long period of time may come across the error 0146 on the device. As a result, your PC may struggle with several drawbacks, such as; sluggish performance, system freezing, system breakdown, corrupt files, etc. In general, the above-said issue usually affects the system hardware. And the system will end up displaying the following error message, Dell Error Code 0146 frequently on the screen. So, it is better if you contact our Dell Support to fix the error on the device in minutes.

Before that, we suggest going through the top-notch solutions to check if they work.

Dell Error Code 0146

Resolved Dell error code 0146 With Simple Hacks

This section will assist you with the step-by-step approach in eliminating the alert from the device. Simply, follow the below-given instructions as per the sequence until the issue is fixed:

  • Inspect HDD for Faults
  • Execute the built-in System Scanning

Method I: Inspect HDD for Faults

The primary factor behind the dell error 0146 is the failure in the Hard Disk Drive. Sometimes, while trying to load the disk information, the device may be stuck or process slowly resulting in the error alert. So, it is better to utilize the Disk CheckUp service to inspect HDD for errors.

Here is what to do:

Just double-tap on the My Computer icon desktop shortcut. Then click on the device drive, most possibly in the C drive. Next, hit on Properties. A new prompt will open up from which you have to tap on Tools tab. After that, hit the Check Disk key from the same tab.

There is an in-built troubleshooting program known as PSA Diagnostics. It allows the system to fix the Dell error code 0146 without any difficulty.

In this case, what you have to do is:

Reboot the computer and tap on to F12 button consistently from the keyboard when the Dell logo appears. It is important to note that in some computers, the “0” zero key is assigned in place of F12.

Next, the menu of One Time Boot will pop-up on the next window. There you have to scroll down to the option PSA Diagnostics by pressing the Down Arrow from the keyboard and mark it. Now pressEnter to continue the process. By this time, the PSA functioning will start.

Finally, highlight the error alert 0146 and utilize the on-screen commands. Check if this method is useful in resolving the alert from the Dell device or not.

Recover Windows Registry Set-up

There is another name for System BIOS, which is System Setup. An incorrect set-up of the system BIOS often hinders the smooth functioning of the PC, thereby triggering the dell error code 2000 0146.  

You won’t have to be that tech-savvy to fix the issue. Simply try to restore the set-up of the Windows Registry and see if it works or not. If none of the above methods are effective in eradicating the issue from your PC, then contact Dell Support.

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