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How To Fix Dell Hard Drive Error Code 2000-0145?

Dell Error Code 2000-0145

Usually the Dell Error Code 2000-0145 occurs when failure of the CD and DVD drive or failure of the SSD hard drive. So, if you have Dell Inspiron Laptop and your Dell laptop will show error code 2000–Error Code 2000-0145 after trying to diagnose? If so, yes, don’t worry about it. Due to optical drive, the main cause of this error has failed and needs to be replaced. Other causes may include this error, computer BIOS may be incompatible, incorrectly configured, old & corrupted device drivers, Window issue, hardware issue, other applications running crashes and freezes, and Windows registry corruption, etc. The error could be easily fixed, as explained by the Dell Tech Support team. Thus, the blog will guide you to Fix Dell Hard Drive Error Code 2000-0145 with very simple steps. So you just have to apply the steps below to solve the error.

Steps to Fix Dell Hard Drive Error Code 2000-0145 :-

Steps 1:- Refix the Optical Drive

The Optical Drive should be refixed and Diagnostics should be run. Sometimes the problem has been fixed by refixing the Optical Drive, but you still have to replace the Optical Drive on your laptop if you receive the same Dell Error Code 2000-0145.

Steps 2:- Replace the Motherboard

After reinstalling the Optical Drive and re-run the diagnostics, the error code Error Code 2000-0145 still exists, then you should try to replace the Motherboard.

Steps 3:- Restart Your Computer

To properly restart the software service, you should try restarting your laptop. Whether there are different applications running on your system that interrupt or driver is not fully functioning due to different works. By restarting the laptop, it will confirm whether or not the actual problem occurs on your hard drive.

Steps 4:- Check Firmware

Make sure your firmware is updated or older, as the oldest firmware often causes a problem with the laptop’s proper functioning. You will then need to update the firmware and then check for the Error Code 2000-0145.

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Steps 5:- Replace New Drive

If your Dell Inspiron Laptop optical drive stops reading or writing data, then you should replace it with a new drive.

Steps 6:- Check your Computer Network and Dell Printer Setting

Ensure that your computer is on the network and the printer portal settings and IP address are correct.

I hope your issue is fixed, after applying all the above solutions.

In case, if you face the issue again and unable to fix the problem then you should take Dell support experts help to fix it.

Call at Dell Customer Support To Obtain Instant Help:-

You can dial Dell Technical Support Phone Number + 1-855-455-1176 at any time from anywhere to Fix Dell Hard Drive Error Code 2000-0145; it is a toll-free number and 247 days for your online assistance. By number, you can connect to the Dell Customer Support team that works to support you with 247. The well-experienced and certified technicians are smart enough to handle any technical problems or errors of Dell Laptop / Computer. The skilled experts will provide you with comprehensive guidance to solve this error instantly. Technicians will also provide you with hasty, easy and finest solutions to solve other problems with Dell laptops. Contact the experts now for further assistance.