How To Fix Dell Laptop Keeps Shutting Down Issue

Dell Laptop Keeps Shutting Down

Dell laptops can be automatically switched off if their internal components are overheated. This is part of any Dell user’s popular issue. Often shutting down the laptop Dell may be helpful, as it protects your device against additional threats. However, if your Dell laptop keeps Shutting Down unexpectedly, then you have to patch it as soon as possible. In this article, we will demonstrate all methods by which the abrupt shutdown problem can be easily avoided.

Causes Behind Dell Laptop Randomly Shuts Off Without Warning

Here we have listed some causes of Dell Laptop Randomly Shuts Off Without Warning issue. Check the points given below:

  • If you do not move the cooling fan in your normal fashion.
  • Cable power does not work correctly.
  • Play video games with a graphical strength.
  • Motherboard problem or computer virus presence.
  • Hardware and thermal problems (overheating of CPU)

These are the basic causes of Dell laptop keeps shutting down unexpectedly. Now look in the next section at the effective solutions.

Step-by-Step Guidance To Fix Dell Laptop keeps Shutting Down on Startup

Here, we have discussed some easy steps to resolve Dell laptop keeps shutting down issue. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Wrong Charger Voltage/ Overheating Fan

Any problem with the refresher or power supply can cause the laptop to shut down abruptly. Start now with the power supply review. The problem is not connected if the fan moves quickly and smoothly. However, you need to reconfigure it if it doesn’t work properly. Place a brush on the fan and then check the electricity supply. It is time to replace the power supply if it gets overheated. Notice whether the Dell laptop keeps shutting down or not after making the required adjustments.

Step 2: Fix the Faulty Hardware

Another primary reason Dell’s laptop Suddenly shuts down is a failure in a hardware component. If you have new hardware installed recently, try removing it. Try to uninstall any unnecessary hardware, such as a network card, modem and other devices that are not currently required. Now run your Dell laptop and see if it really does or does not happen.

Step 3: Computer Virus

You could be facing this problem if you have malware or virus in your system. Run an antivirus software to address the problem immediately. If the device is still being upgraded and then the laptop is put on a complete scan.

Step 4: Problem with the Operating System

Due to the fault in the operating system, this issue can also happen. Try the steps below to check for an error in the OPS:

  • Reboot and join the CMOS configuration as your laptop continues to boot.
  • After you sit idle in CMOS, your computer is switched off.
  • If not, the installation of the device may be corrupted.
  • In this situation, the operating system should be uninstalled and reinstalled.

Step 5: Driver Crash

Your machine will shut down unexpectedly by a driver crash. Using your computer’s right driver. The new driver from the official Website can also be downloaded. The problem can be solved by this method.

Step 6: Remove the Shutdown Option

The turn-off button can also be deleted from the start menu. Track the step:

  • Click the Start button first and then the Search Box.
  • Type ‘gpedit.msc’ in the search box and click Enter.
  • Expand your device setup window now.
  • Then press the ‘Delete and Prevent Access’ button on the right panel and choose Shuts Down option and set it to the Allow option.

Now, check for the problem and note if it is still there or not.

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