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How To Fix Dell Printer Error 1203

The Dell Error Code 1203 arises due to sudden issue in the cartridge. This error is caused mainly due to issues with the cartridge that prevent the printer from functioning in normal mode. When this error occurs, the Dell printer will not be carrying out the proper printing activity or even it is possible that ink might not get fall into the paper. Here also, the printer cartridge may face some other critical technical issues. So, these are the reasons why the printer even may lose out in proper printing functioning of any document.

Users may face a wide number of symptoms such as issue with the printer cartridge in the printer The second sign will be when the printer is performing its printing task but no ink comes out. This issue may persist even if you fill it with new ink. Even if after the cleaning of the printer head and the ink cartridges are done, the printer may still come across with this error. Read out below blog to fix Dell printer error 1203.

Fix Dell Printer Error 1203

Steps to fix Dell Printer Error 1203: 

Step1: Cleaning the printer cartridge

  • There are multiple ways to remove the Dell Error Code 1203 but the very first step is simply to perform a proper cleaning of the cartridge by using dampened cloth.

Step2: Disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord

  • The second step which should be considered is to disconnect and then reconnect the power cord from the wall from the back of the printer.
  • Then wait for at-least 30 seconds and then, plug-in everything back in to the place.

Step3: Replace the ink cartridge

  • To solve this issue, you need to replace the ink cartridges now. Perform a check for following things to note down whether these new cartridges are disorganized around their heads or not.
  • At last, take a dampened napkin to clean it properly.

Dell Printer Support Number

I hope above steps will help you in fixing this Dell printer error but, these steps do not work out then, call our Dell Printer Support Number 
  + 1-877-552-8560  to solve the issue faster as possible. We are available for users 24*7 hours to assist them anytime as and when needed by them. Our support solutions are world-class to grab by availing users the latest industry matched solutions.