Fix Dell Printer Communication Error
How to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 092-670?

Dell Printer Error 092-670

Detect Yellow Calibrating Patch Error The Dell Printer Error Code 092-670. Usually the error occurs when the low density printer is detected. This error may be caused by various causes, including belt unit, drum cartridge, and problem with printers, etc. So, if you have the same problem with your Dell printer, you’re not worried about it. This error can be easily fixed, as explained by the Dell tech support team. Well, here’s the blog that will guide you to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 092-670. So follow these steps below to quickly fix the issue.

Steps to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 092-670:-

Solution 1:- Cycle Power on the Printer

Sometimes, the error removes automatically when you turn off the printer for a few minutes. Then follow these steps to do the task.

  • First of all, turn the Dell Printer off and back on.
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • Turn the printer on.
  • Determine if the issue still occurs. Then move to the next step.

Solution 2:-Reseat the Drum Cartridge

You should try to reseat the Drum Cartridge by the following steps.

Step 1:- Removing the Drum Cartridges

  • Open the front cover.
  • Then, rotate the lock levers of the inner cover to open it.
  • Next, grasp the handles on the drum cartridge you want to replace and pull out the cartridge halfway.
  • Now, grasp one side of the drum cartridge with the other hand and pull out the cartridge from the printer.

Step 2:- Installing a Drum Cartridge

  • Now, slide the cartridge into the correct slot.
  • Then, remove the orange protective covering of the installed drum cartridge and discard.
  • Close the inner cover.
  • Then, rotate the lock levers to secure the inner cover while pressing the cover with the other hand.
  • Now, remove the cleaning rod from the backside of the front cover.
  • Remove the cleaning pad by pressing the white tabs between your thumb and index finger.
  • Then unpack a new cleaning pad.
  • Now, attach the new cleaning pad to the cleaning rod.
  • Then Insert the cleaning rod fully into one of the four holes until it clicks into the interior of the printer as illustrated below, and then pull it out.
  • Repeat Step above for the other three holes. One time insertion is enough for each hole.
  • Return the cleaning rod to its original location and close the front cover.

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Solution 3:- Reseat the Belt Unit

  • Turn the printer off.
  • Raise the latch of the right-hand cover and open the cover.
  • Open the front cover. Then rotate the lock levers of the inner cover to open it.
  • Grasp the handle on the front of the belt unit. Pull out the belt unit until the line on the unit becomes completely visible.
  • Grasp the handles on the top of the belt unit. Pull out the unit to remove it from the printer.
  • Slide the tab back and forth 5 times. Then Grasp the handles on top of the belt unit.
  • Align the arrows on the belt unit with the arrows on the printer.
  • Slide the unit into the printer and stop when the visible line reaches the printer.
  • Lower the handles. Then Push the front of the belt unit to reinstall it in the printer and until it stops.
  • Close the inner cover.
  • Then, rotate the lock levers to secure the cover.
  • Close the front cover. Then close the right cover.

Now, check the error is resolved, if the error persists, then try to replace the Drum Cartridge.

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