Steps to Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10

Laptop is an essential device to carry out your important works. Be it public, private or jobs in the educational sector, the need for a laptop is mandatory. Though a variety of companies are available in the market which manufactures advanced quality of laptops, Dell is the most preferred one among them. Dell is an American multinational company which is renowned for the developing and selling IT products. It manufactures laptop models for both the corporate class as well as for the consumer class such as N series, Vostro, Inspiron, XPS and many more. Dell laptops are so user-friendly that they have become one of the favorite brands of laptops in recent times.

Although the Dell laptops are known for their awesome performance, it might happen that you are unable to use it due to some technical issues. With the continuous usage of an electronic device, it might undergo technical breakdowns, and your Dell laptop is no different. Are you noticing any unexpected behavior of your device such as overheating, frequent shutdowns, automatic hangings.., etc? Try to factory reset your Dell laptop by applying some easy methods mentioned in this article. We have included some simple hacks to easily Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10.

Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10

Quick tips to run factory reset process on your Dell laptop:

First step:

Prior to start the resetting process, you need to navigate to the “recovery section” available within the PC settings. Then you should write “reinstall” within the search box present inside the “start menu” and then tap on “remove everything and reinstall Windows” within the displayed results.

Second step:

Tap on “recovery” available on the displayed left list. Then, tap on “next” to proceed further.Third step:

You are now supposed to choose “just remove my files” in case you want to reset your Dell laptop to factory settings quickly. This option helps you to remove your data in no time and keep a certain amount of data recoverable. You might also select the “fully clean the drive” option which might take around fifty minutes or more to complete the factory reset procedure. This time limit might vary according to your computer’s speed. This process will completely clear all your computer data. So, keep a backup of your data beforehand in any external storage device.

Fourth step:

Now you need to tap on “reset” at first. The moment you select the “reset” option, you can not cancel your selection and go back to the previous status.

Fifth step:

The step will take a couple of minutes to get completed. As the process completes, you will receive a message saying the “factory reset finishes successfully”. This indicates the proper completion of your factory reset dell laptop windows 10 from bootprocess. Now, your dell laptop is ready to perform like before.

If you already have a certain level of technical knowledge, you can perform these above-mentioned steps easily. But if you are a complete novice in this field, you might face difficulties while applying these steps. Consult with professional Dell experts about your concerns and avail thorough guidance to finish the factory reset process of your Dell laptop.

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