Terms of Use

The policy statement discussed below is the terms of use followed by Dell Support Phone Number for the website users. We update our terms of use on regular basis without any notification hence please keep read-through irregularly for any modifications for latest changes. We take our customers and site visitors privacy very seriously. We use the personal information submitted by the site users for their benefits and not make any unauthorized use. Ate the time of tech support service offered by phone call or mail, we request only important information that is very important to execute a particular transaction. We generally ask important information like user id registered, and details of computer system that includes its software or hardware and type of technical problems it is showing. After reading these terms and conditions statement it is the sole discretion of site user to continue with the any further action that request to submit such personal details. Though, you must also bear in mind that in several circumstances if you do not share such information, you will be not allowed to complete particular process for further deals.

We Dell Technical Support Numbers while dealing with our customers follow Terms and Conditions given below, so we request our customers and site visitors to please read the terms and conditions carefully before using any of the service offered by our website as they encloses important information and useful instructions with the full rights to change or modify any of the column or statement without any notification.

1. Personal Information: We will request you to submit your personal identification or personal details that permit us to interact with you. While registration process every user have to submit his contact details that includes Full name, Mail address, postal code details and other personal ID etc. Dell Support Phone Number tech support team can use your contact information to contact you as regards to the products or services you have demanded through our website. That may contains subscription renewal notifications, re-registration, special offers and market surveys to improve our products quality and services.

2) Payment Information: When a site visitor uses our site and registers with us to use our services offered by Dell Support Phone Number, we not request anybody to gather their credit card information directly on the phone conversation. This type of confidential information is submitted by the user himself and Dell Support Phone Number may use third party to validate and process credit cards details only for invoicing purposes. We may share this payment details to a third party only in various cases so as to complete the essential payment processing. All the information of credit cards or debit and numbers are used with highly safeguarded servers and these numbers are not used or accessed by the Dell Support Phone Number without taking the legal permission from the respective customers.

3) Computer System Information: We request information of computer system and access it with the complete understanding of customers. We can ask for system login details, login passwords and other authorizations to access the computer or software programs to detect the issues and other problems. The terms of use for computer system data is discussed below, please read carefully before allowing any access for technical support service.

a) Subscriber Computer: We may request information associated with your computer system, that may contains details like date of purchase computer system, identification number of computer, computer model, type and version and its hardware/software or peripheral connected with it, physical state of computer system, registration data of system, software installation and configuration, and error tracking files etc. All these details are required to provide you a personalized online tech support and also help us to improve our support service and expand the list of products supported.

b) Access – To make available you a fully customize support service; we have to take online access and control of your computer system. Dell Support Phone Number makes use of highly recommended tools that permits users to allow computer access to technicians on remote through internet, so that they can identify the main issues to resolve it shortly Our tech support technicians are strictly not allowed to give support service remote to any customer until and unless they have been gone through the professional training and user allow permission to control its functions. Our online technical support team members never use to collect personal or confidential information saved in the user’s computer, deliberately to destroy the original data of user’s computer or its network, or with intent to create any problems for customers.

c) Diagnostic Tools: At the time support procedure Dell Support Phone Number take help of diverse diagnosis tools to gather various useful information to know the physical condition of the computer and software application installed and configured into it. This information is packaged into a certificate enclosing the essential details required by Dell Support Phone Number and is managed safely over the internet to the Dell Support Phone Number server a third party server appointed by Dell Support Phone Number. Our tech support team analyzes this information to find and resolve the technical issues with the customers. User’s details collected by the Dell Support Phone Number access tools will not have any confidential information like profile, site browsing history, email ids sent to, mail messages, logins and login passwords etc. Online tech support through remote access tools and problem detection application is also bound by terms of use in the relevant to the installed or used software license agreement between the service provider and computer user.

d) Live Support Session Records: Dell Technical Support Numbers reserves the right to observe online as well as offline sessions conducted among the user and tech support team members with the aim to control the quality of service provided to the customer by our tech support technicians. Additionally, we may also keep and check the record of all online and offline sessions organized on the site for user reference and to provide full support for resolving the grievances or disputes in upcoming future. The session records can be also used to enhance the quality of service, deliver a knowledge based support, or perform a market research. The session record data will not be connected with personally identifiable data of any particular customer.

These terms of use determines how Dell Support Phone Number uses and protects information that a customer submits our tech support team during the use of website. Dell Support Phone Number is committed to make sure that your personal information shared with is fully safe. If we request you to submit such confidential details by which you can be detected at the time of using our website, then you should be ensure that it will be used in according to this terms of use policy statement. And Dell Support Phone Number also keeps right to change or modify the terms of use periodically by bring up-to-date this section, hence you must keep read-through this page from time to time to validate that you accept with the changes done under this section.